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Versione inglese di L'UMAREL 23 - Normalità

last week I was going to the post office and I found a road construction site, a hole in the ground, metal fences, a plastic cutter, an excavator moving earth, pieces of asphalt, pipes and other things as if he had a hand; I must confess to you Johnny that, for once, I had nothing to say, he could have sewn a dress like Gulliver's horses, and the other workers around who weren't even surprised, everything was normal, but in our times they didn't work so well, so precise, here they had to change some pipes, there was the new piece, already insulated and protected, and ready to connect, I was there a bit to see if it was a coincidence but nothing, it was already almost 5 o'clock he could also be tired and do something stupid, but nothing; now we will have to go and look if there are others that work so well or if it was a coincidence; when I got bored I went to the post office, a registered letter to send to those backward, non-technological offices, who don't even know how to handle an email, let alone a certified e-mail, it was almost closing time, I got lost looking at the digger, I go in and it was empty, no customers or employees, looking closer I saw a lady leaning against a wardrobe asking me: "WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?" , a registered letter, LOOK FORWARD, HE'S NOT LEAVING TODAY ANYMORE, it's fine, it doesn't matter, so hurry up, we have to close, I'll go to the desk to write standing, no chairs otherwise you'll take too long and use up his oxygen, I'll take my glasses, the forms that pulled me under the glass that protects the employees, once from robberies, today from us, I transcribe recipients and sender on three forms, in capital letters, I would have liked to know Gothic writing just to spite but it doesn't matter , I go to the counter but the lady is still leaning against the same cupboard, there is another employee fiddling with the keyboard, and I see that in the POS there is a credit card and I hope I have found a benefactor who will pay for the shipping, but after a minute he tells me "I'll be right there" without turning around, I hear that one of his colleagues is messing with the doors and I hope they don't take me prisoner, meanwhile our employee takes away his credit card because he was minding his own business and turns towards of me, he takes the forms, looks at them and gives me one, look, you have to write here too, I do, he takes them, puts them in the machine, removes and puts labels on, he looked like one of those with the three cards, he makes me pay, gives the receipt with obvious relief and looks at me with intent, what are you still doing here, do you have a home? and go home, I say goodbye and go out slowly not out of spite, my knees hurt and I'm finally free, I go towards the tram stop, hoping to find a white horse that will take me to ride on the beach, forget the world, the people rude and self-centered, I'm looking for a normal place but what is normal, the most common behavior? then the post office is the universal place of normality, we have found it and we don't have to search anymore, if the question "but this is normal" "you are not normal" "I want normality" appears, look for a medium-sized post office dimensions, come in, take the card and pretend to get in line, look at everything that happens, it only takes a few minutes and you will understand what normality is;

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